Janelle and Darren
Begining the Rent to Own Journey

Our Story...

Finding Neill and Lynda with Peak Housing Solutions was the best thing that has ever happened for us. We both were just sick when we tallied up the amount of money we had wasted in renting for so many years. If we had a home of our own, we could have built equity and at least had something to show for all our hard work but we just couldn't seem to come up with the 5% down payment that banks require.

We first found out about Peak Housing Solutions while searching through home rental ads on Kijiji. Neither one of us had ever heard of this "Lease to own" option for home buying, we were curious but not quite ready to make the call.

After lengthy research, it was obvious that Peak Housing Solutions had the best offer out there. We made the call and it was by far the best call we ever made!

From day one Neill and Lynda were very understanding of our situation and had many suggestions to how we could get that dream home we've always wanted. Within 30 days we were well on our way of getting the keys to our very own home!

We owe so much to Neill and Lynda for making this possible for us. They really know how to think outside the box and make a win win situation for all parties.

We will forever remember what they did for us and make sure that anyone we know that is thinking of getting into their own home is sent their way!!

 Janelle and Darren

June 2010

Successful Applicants On The Road to Home Ownership!

Andrew and Simone

We found Lynda and Neill through an online ad when we were searching for a home.  I as living here and Simone was back home waiting for our place to sell.  Our experience was great!  Lynda walked us through the process of rent to own and it seemed like a great solution to our situation.  They were very willing to work with us and we now have a home that we are very proud of.
There was an instant trust in dealing with Lynda and Neill.  We are glad to be settled in our home.
I was looking to purchase a home but with a small down payment and a bit of a credit problem the banks and mortgage brokers would not even consider my application.
What most impressed me about working with Peak Housing Solutions is that every person was there to help me out.   Every person I spoke with was professional with a personal touch.  I never felt like less than a person the way the banks made me feel. I always felt like I was respected!  There was never a question of if I would own a home only a matter of when.
The outcome of my dealing with Peak Housing Solutions is that I am living in the perfect home with the promise of owning it in the very near future!  I could not have done this without the help of Peak Housing Solutions.  I would recommend them to anyone who needs help to achieve the reality of owning their own home. 

Thank you so much Lynda and Peak Housing Solutions!